Rosary in silver and rock crystal
Rosary in silver and rock crystal
Rosary in silver and rock crystal
Rosary in silver and rock crystal

Rosary in silver and rock crystal


Rosary in silver and rock crystal. Cross and cross in silver. Eternal binding. Grain 6 mm.


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Rosary with ligature, cross and cross in 925 silver, rock crystal grains 6 mm. This rosary, thanks to the eternal binding is particularly robust and suitable for prayer; it is long enough to be worn around the neck (circular part linear cm 60, suitable for both men and women). It can be customized upon request. The name derives from the Greek chrystallos which means “clear ice”. In fact, the ancient Greeks believed that rock crystal was solidified ice and due to its connection with water it was used to magically rain in many parts of the Pacific.At all cultures it has always been considered a mineral with magical powers and therapeutic, which was used to drive out demons and diseases and to infuse strength and energy. Since the Middle Ages, the spheres of this material were thought to have hypnotic and divinatory properties and were used to predict the future. Rock crystal makes you sincere and impartial. According to crystal therapy it strengthens the ability to understand others and, at the same time, to affirm one's deepest nature. Amplify and illuminate thinking. It stimulates the individual to know himself. It is the stone that guides towards clarity and is a powerful conductor of energy that illuminates those who have it, bringing harmony, joy and serenity. It has universal strength and aids in meditation.

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