Rosary in silver and Egyptian jasper
Rosary in silver and Egyptian jasper
Rosary in silver and Egyptian jasper
Rosary in silver and Egyptian jasper

Rosary in silver and Egyptian jasper


Rosary in silver and Egyptian jasper. Silver cross and cross, eternal binding, grain 6 mm.


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Rosary with ligature, cross and cross in 925 silver, Egyptian despair grains. This rosary, thanks to the eternal binding is particularly robust and suitable for prayer; it is long enough to be worn around the neck (circular 64 cm linear part, suitable for both men and women). It can be customized upon request. The brown jasper was revered by the peoples of the past and was considered a sacred stone. Its properties have been held in high regard by various figures of the past, such as poets, magicians, doctors, lapidaries and even scientists; also known as Egyptian marble, it was used by the ancient Egyptians as an amulet. However, they were not the only ones to recognize its wonderful properties. For example, the American Indians used it to create arrowheads that were not only practical but also powerful symbols of protection. They also used this stone for the purpose of calling rain. Its brown color is due to the high iron content. The brown jasper is used to give safety and protection, it promotes awareness towards our land and helps to take note of those environmental problems that affect us all. Think that in the past, especially in the Middle Ages, it was considered a magical stone capable of carrying wind and rests. Fundamental to the preservation of crops in those drought periods but at the same time believed that it helps people who spent a lot of time on the ship to save themselves from storms. deep meditative state. Radiates positivity and energy. It strengthens the connection with the Earth and with the sacredness of nature, a connection that is beneficial, giving a new stability.

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