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Hand painted icon Saint Michael.


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Archangel Michael icon hand painted in romania with traditional technique, wooden board to hang, gold leaf background. Size 14X18 cm, other sizes available on order.

Archangel Michael compound word which in Hebrew means "Who is like God?" he is mentioned in the Old Testament in the Book of Daniel (10,13-21; 12,1) as a prince and defender of the people of Israel and, in the New Testament, he is defined both as an archangel in the Letter of Jude and as the commander of the armies heavenly fighting against the dragon-devil in the Apocalypse, therefore called "archistrategist"-(12,7-12). In the hymn, Michael is also identified with the angel who repeatedly carried out the orders of the Lord. In Eastern and Western iconography, Michael is considered the powerful defender of God's people and is therefore armed with a sword or spear and, sometimes, even with scales, because it is believed that he has the task of weighing souls after death. Furthermore, in the first centuries of Christianity, especially among the Byzantines, it was considered the heavenly doctor of men's infirmities.

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