There's a light in every crack,
Everything is a gift

Every day in the shop I happen to tell some customers how one of the jewels that most represents us was born: "The crack and the light", but only today I realized that in this virtual space of ours, which however is also very real because it always generates a meeting between people, an exchange between us, I have never talked about this.

Like many things, “Crack and Light” was born by chance; leafing through a magazine to which I subscribe (it was the September 2021 issue of Tracce), I focused on the article in the foreground, a dialogue between three authors, protagonists of culture, inspired by the verse of the song "Anthem" by Leonard Cohen which he says like this: “There is a crack in everything and from there the light comes through”.

The quote, written large, struck me immediately, I immediately found it very powerful, and above all I felt it very close to me, it (also) spoke about me, it expressed a "something" that I myself was not capable of saying but which I completely shared.

I remember immediately talking about it with my brother, the teacher, and expressing to him the desire to create something that could somehow express that concept. Initially we didn't have anything specific in mind, but we let the idea settle for a few weeks. It was shortly afterwards, in November, that we met and started collaborating with a goldsmith company that has a history of over a hundred years (just like Tricella); their work struck us and won us over for the particular design and the care and passion with which they listened to our requests.

From this collaboration the cross “The crack and the light” was born; it was immediately offered in both rhodium-plated and gold-plated 925 silver, with a small embedded zircon, and in 18-carat gold with a diamond in the center of the crack. It is the gift idea to give or to be made to continually remember the light, the possibility that exists in every fact that happens in our lives to discover how much beauty is offered to us, even in difficulties.

Recently we wanted to express this thought better by attaching a card with this engraving to each cross purchased: 

"Accept the light as a gift
is knowing that everything is given by Someone,
it's moving curious to discover every moment we are given
and rejoice to the core."

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