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Old Icon 12 festivals


Icon 12 festivals old hand-painted in Russia.


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Hand painted icon, table and period realization (presumed XX century). Hand painted icon depicting the 12 feasts of the liturgical year plus the resurrection and the four evangelists, hand painted in Russia, this icon dates from the twentieth century, the table is old. The icons of the liturgical feasts are for believers the visible, clear and comprehensible image of the model that Jesus and the saints can be for those who want to follow their path. They retrace the history of salvation from the birth of Jesus to his death and resurrection up to the gift of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost and are a fundamental tool for discovering, or rediscovering, one's own spiritual dimension. Wooden icons that give a face to the mysteries of faith, an opportunity for recollection and contemplation, but also a simple and precise indication of the direction to take to make the word of God truly a living word: The birth of Mary, the presentation of Mary the temple, the annunciation, the birth of Jesus, the presentation of Jesus in the temple, the baptism of Jesus, the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, the last supper, the ascension, the exaltation of the cross, the Holy Trinity, the sleep of Mary. In the center the Resurrection descends to the underworld, at the four corners the four evangelists.


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