The living house

For at least a year I have been looking for the time to stop for a moment and tell you in black and white how one of the articles that won your heart in a very short time was born

For at least a year I have been looking for the time to stop for a moment and tell you in black and white how one of the items was born that in a very short time won your heart, so much so that it became one of our best sellers in less than a year (thanks!). Here, as often happens this time too it was all a coincidence ... or as some would say ... so the case does not exist?!?! In short, a couple of years ago, at this time of year, I was having dinner with my friend Franci and I kept her company in the kitchen while she was preparing pasta, between a chat and the other my eye fell on a printed sheet franked on the fridge door with the classic magnet. I got curious and started reading… it was Lewis's story! It struck me so much that I immediately took a picture of the story, so as not to forget it, and then I asked Franci how she had come into possession of it.

She told me that, during the spiritual exercises in Rimini (perhaps in 2019, but I'm not sure) she did the secretarial work and, at the last moment, Don Eugenio Nembrini, just before starting his lesson, asked her to print the text of an e-mail that he had just received and had struck him to the point of wanting to talk about it immediately… well, Franci prints the text, throws his eye, is struck in turn, so he makes a copy for her too. Back home, she stamps it on the fridge door, and it's still there today.

Months went by and in October a person dear to me suddenly lost a dear friend, so I think I'll bring her the story, but I would like to add a "sign" to her, so I go in search of a silver house pendant and I find it immediately from our trusted supplier; I go back to the shop and ask Lucy (our niece who helps us in the most intense months) if she can mount the pendant on a bracelet, I explain everything, and let her read the story ... Lucy takes charge of the work and after a while I says: "aunt, I think that besides the house it is nice to add a cross overlaid (the cross was already in our assortment)" ... "Lucy you are a genius! You're right !!!", that day in October, she was born "The living house".

If you want to read the story here you can find the PDF graphic to download and print, if you feel like it you can safely share it.

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