Shall we look for some light together?

Story of a gesture that changed our week.

A week ago, at the first alarming news about the health crisis in our country, we began to give our most worried friends a Miraculous Medal as a positive sign, of reliance and encouragement. With great simplicity we extended the gesture to anyone: friends and strangers; to everyone! We communicated our initiative on our social pages and made the Medals available on our e-commerce for free. It was a week of hard work, preparing all the shipments, a week in which we cared about giving and not receiving, about sharing and not dividing. It was a good week, which ended with a nice article also about our initiative in "il Giorno" , some " illustrious" social sharing and a lot of messages of thanks and participation from those who took the opportunity and ordered free medals. A new week has begun and we are very happy because we managed to catch up with all the orders and we still have some Miraculous Medals left to be shipped or delivered for free. So if you haven't already ordered your free medals, you can do so now! We think we have enough pieces to continue distributing Medals through Sunday, March 8. We have thought of a maximum quantity of 20 pieces per person, so that everyone can deliver them to their loved ones, with a standard shipping fee of 5 euros; along with the Miraculous Medals you will also receive a photocopy of the Chapel diaries, in which you will find all the news about the Medal, written by the nuns of the convent on Rue Du Bac in Paris. Please remember that the amount of medals you wish to receive is to be entered in the drop-down menu, do not forget to enter it. You can share this initiative with whomever you wish by forwarding this email or sharing via social.

On the reason that prompted us without thinking too much and without even foreseeing the success of this initiative, we would like to share the words of Julián Carrón , taken from the letter written and published by the Corriere della sera of 1/3/2020

"The question that arises at this moment, more powerful than any other, is: what overcomes fear? Perhaps the most basic experience we have in this regard is that of the child. What conquers fear in a child? Mom's presence. This "method" applies to everyone. It is a presence, not our strategies, our intelligence, our courage, that mobilizes and sustains the life of each of us. But -- let us ask ourselves -- what presence is capable of overcoming deep fear, the fear that grips us at the core of our being? Not any presence. That is why God became man, became a historical, fleshly presence. Only the God who enters history as man can conquer deep fear, as the lives of his disciples testified (and testify)... More than any discourse or reassuring moral prescription, what we need is to intercept people in whom we can see embodied the experience of this victory, the existence of meaning commensurate with the challenges of living."

-Julián Carrón-

We hope this small gesture will bring some light especially to those who need it most!

I leave you here the link to be able to download the supplication to the Virgin Mary designed by the Archbishop of Pavia to ask for Her intercession in this time of trial; since we cannot meet in person, for those who want to, we will meet as a community in prayer, every day at 9 p.m. Lift up your hearts!

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