Scent of Holy Week

Easter Triduum, I've been trying to think what I miss most about not going to Church, and I was surprised to discover that...

Today begins the Easter Triduum, and for the first time none of us will have the opportunity to participate in the liturgical celebrations in our Churches. Beyond all the controversies that some people have wanted to raise and which have greatly annoyed me, I tried to think what I miss most about not going to Church, and I was surprised to discover that what I miss is certainly the contact with my community, but also the scent of liturgy...

It's not just the smell aspect, of course, but also the fact that I have a place where I can take time to cultivate my faith, to commune with God, to establish our Covenant. "The priests are teaching us to seek this space in the home as well," taking time for this and equipping us with insights and materials to help us live this experience to the fullest.

Two days ago I thought I would like to light some incense in the house, which I have never done and which, frankly, I also found inconvenient because it is a Church thing!!! It sounds absurd, but I thought so. But at this juncture everything changes; so today I went to the store to get some material to send to our customers and I took a small bag of incense and some charcoal, I thought to light it on the balcony, so the scent can reach others, and even the street, since I live on the third floor, so the scent of liturgy will also reach elsewhere. I would like to get it to your homes as well, for this Easter we are certainly late, but we will find a way to do it in the future, in the meantime I carry you in my heart in this Easter triduum.

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